Keeping the Elderly Happy and Engaged

Quality of life means living a well-rounded lifestyle. Maintaining the physical and mental aspects of life becomes more difficult as we age. Promoting social interaction and physical activity is important to maintaining senior engagement. Providing seniors with enough mental, physical, and emotional stimulation to remain engaged increases their quality of life.

According to the National Institute on Aging, boredom and depression can lead to forgetfulness. The American Academy of Family Physicians points to inactivity as one of the reasons many elderly fail to thrive. At Upstate Home Care Solutions, we want to help you and the senior you care for thrive, and to assist you in the process. Here are some ways to help the elderly stay engaged.


Encourage listening to audio books –

you can find these online and for free through your local library system.


Find their favorite music –

whether it be new or old, music can help stimulate brain cells. Collect CDs or have a grandchild help upload their music to an iPod.


Suggest getting a furry (or scaly) friend –

having a pet can give seniors some responsibility that keeps them engaged, even if it’s just a fish.


Visit with grand kids or neighbor kids –

having children visit the elderly in their homes gives them access to the modern generation and the world outside their home. It also allows them to share their stories with children who look up to them, this can give home-bound seniors a purpose.


Join the local gym –

Local gyms often provide special classes for seniors 60+ that are geared toward weight-bearing exercises and muscle strengthening.


Studies have shown that fitness for seniors helps promote range of motion and mobility. Exercise for seniors also encourages higher spirits. By introducing them to social environments their interest in people, activities, and their own future will grow. Even if a senior is limited to seated exercises, getting them out where they can socialize in a community can greatly impact self-worth and quality of life.

We know that keeping seniors interested in a variety of activities isn’t always easy. Just remember that Upstate Home Care Solutions is here to assist, whether it be helping a senior download audio books or taking them to water aerobics, we are here for you!