Preparing for Fire Emergencies with Your Aging Loved One

Fires occur suddenly and can very quickly get out of control.
Each year more than 3,000 people die in fires, with elderly adults being at the highest risk. Seniors with mobility issues and cognitive functioning decline are even more vulnerable than other older adults. Making a fire emergency preparedness plan with your senior is a vital step in protecting your parent from the potentially devastating consequences of a fire in their home.

Caregiver in Greenville SC: Fire Safety

Caregiver in Greenville SC: Fire Safety


Use these tips to prepare for fire emergencies with your aging loved one:

-Establish a meeting place.
There should be a spot a safe distance from the home where your parent knows to go if there is a fire. Not only is this a place for everyone in the home to meet at in order to confirm they are all safe, but it also allows you to quickly check on your parent if a fire occurs when they are alone. Simply tell the responders to check at the meeting spot and if your senior is not there, they are still inside.

-Establish and practice escape routes. Your parent should know how to get out of the house quickly and efficiently from all rooms. There should be at least two different routes so your parent can utilize an alternative if one is blocked. Practice these routes frequently so your parent can use them promptly if a real emergency occurs.

-Post notices. Your parent might not be able to get out of the house quickly if there is an emergency due to their challenges and limitations. Make sure those responding to the fire know your parent is inside by posting a notice on the doors or windows near the doors. These should be large, readily visible and announce the presence of a senior, as well as any animals who may be inside. This prompts the responders to search for your senior and their pets when fighting the fire.

-Make them visible. If your parent is trapped in a room during a fire, they need to be visible for responders to find. Brightly colored fabric or an emergency banner held out of a window can mean the difference between surviving the fire or not.

-Practice get out, stay out. Having fire extinguishers throughout the home is a basic element of fire safety, but your parent should know they should only attempt to use one of these devices if the fire is very small and contained. If the fire is larger, spreading, or does not quickly end with the extinguisher, your parent should get out of the house immediately, and not re-enter.

Being a family caregiver means making choices for you parent that will help them to manage their needs and experience the highest quality of life possible. One of the best decisions you can make is to introduce home care. An in-home senior care services provider can be with your elderly parent on a schedule that is right for their needs, as well as for the care you already give them.

This provides continuous, reliable access to care and support designed specifically to help your parent manage their health issues, cope with challenges and limitations, and stay more active and engaged in the world around them. From transportation and mobility support to meal preparation and medication reminders, they can help with personal care needs and activities of daily living, these customized services allow your parent to age in place comfortably, confidently, and safely.


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