Helping Seniors Feel Safe at Home

Aging parents don’t always feel safe on their own. This is when companion care at home can come in handy for a senior. They will be there with the older adult, and this can provide a sense of security. However, not everyone can afford 24-hour care, so it is crucial to ensure the seniors feel safe at home alone.

Companion Care at Home Easley SC - Helping Seniors Feel Safe at Home

Companion Care at Home Easley SC – Helping Seniors Feel Safe at Home

There are a few ways to allow a senior to feel comfortable on their own while caregivers and family members are away. It can be as simple as changing the locks on a door or adding more locks and providing a good way for them to reach help if they fall or make inexpensive renovations to the senior’s home.

One of the duties of a companion care at home aide is that they will come up with a care plan that will help evaluate all of these things. There may be some things that need to change that will help prevent falls and help someone feel secure living independently while no one is there to help them. Companion care at home can help minimize the feelings of being unsafe.

How to Help a Senior Feel Secure at Home

Let’s talk about safety. Hopefully, a loved one will live in a safe and quiet neighborhood with low crime rates. This will help a senior feel safe and comfortable. Perhaps they live in a senior community, making it easier for a senior to adjust to their aging lifestyle. However, there are some other security measures a family or caregiver can help the senior make.

Alarm Systems

This is a great way to ensure someone feels secure being home. However, this may also be one of the most expensive ways to ensure someone stays safe. It is also not the easiest way. This method can be good if someone can press the code to unlock the house.

Dead Bolts

This method can be a cheaper way of adding an extra layer of security to a home. The senior can feel safe at night knowing these locks are tough to break.

Life Alert Button

If a senior is prone to falling, this is a good way to ensure they always have help on the way if needed. They can press a button and receive help in minutes. This tip is also great if a senior cannot easily use a phone.

Other Ways Companion Care at Home can Help

Another way to ensure a senior feels safe at home is making low-cost renovations to a home. A companion care at home assistant will help identify hazardous areas that need to change to ensure there is no falling and the senior has better mobility. Here is what can change in a house.

Clear the Clutter

Clutter can make it hard to stay mobile and can increase falling. If a senior cannot clear it by themselves a caregiver may be able to help them do it or take things to the dump for them.

Add Non-Slip Strips

There are protective strips that can be placed in hazardous areas. If a senior has stairs, they can be added to each step to prevent falling. This can also be added to places in the kitchen where things get wet or in the bathtub.


This item is a low-cost way to allow the seniors to stay more mobile on their own. They can be placed strategically around the home where the senior goes every day.

Having a companion care at home assistant may also be a way to ensure the senior feels less isolated and more safe. It is important to start taking the steps to protect a loved one.

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