Helping Your Senior Parent Make Friends

Of course, you want your senior mom or dad to have friends, but it can actually be harder to do than you think. They may be feeling bad about not being able to get around town on their own, or they may not know how to approach people. Even if your senior has something like companion care at home services, they still need company outside of the professional help. Companion care at home is best for seniors who need some extra help with chores and daily living, and although they are like paid friends, it is not the same as having someone who is their friend without paid incentives.

Friends are crucial as someone gets older, but your senior may struggle due to mobility issues, or disabilities, or they may feel lonely and isolate themselves. It is important to encourage them to make friends and find support systems when necessary. There are a lot of health benefits of having friends, and it may boost their overall quality of life.

Why Friends Are Important

Companion Care at Home Mauldin SC - Helping Your Senior Mom Make Friends

Companion Care at Home Mauldin SC – Helping Your Senior Mom Make Friends

Friends are crucial no matter what age you are, and this is especially true for seniors. They may have lost their best friends, partners, or others that they were once close to, and it’s important to encourage them to go out and find new friends they have close connections with; here is why.

  • Friends prevent loneliness.
  • Friends increase a senior’s sense of belonging.
  • Friends can help boost a person’s happiness.
  • Friends can encourage healthy habits.

These are all reasons why friends can be so crucial in a senior’s life. However, it is still hard to make friends, but there are some good places you can take your senior.

Go To Church

If your senior grew up religious, it might be time to encourage them to go back to Sunday service. Your parent’s church is a great place for meeting new people and developing new acquaintances. After all, they will share at least one quality. Many churches provide transportation for elders and children who are unable to drive. If not, phone the pastor and see if somebody in the area can provide you with a ride.

Get Out To a Senior Center

Many cities or towns have a senior center nearby. This is a great place to find senior classes that your loved one may be interested in or just a space to get out of the house once in a while. They may offer crafts, exercise classes, or meal nights where a senior can go and enjoy an evening with people their own age.

Get Them Moving

Just going for a walk around their neighborhood may attract other elders to come out and join them. This is a good chance to get them moving around and staying healthy and allows them time to talk to other neighbors. They can get a sense of where they live and how their neighborhood may be changing.

Go To The Library

If your senior still loves to read or even wants to rent out magazines or movies, the library is a great place to go. This is where they also may meet new friends and find new books to talk about.

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