Four Tips for Stronger Bones

Is your senior concerned about her bone health? Then this list is one that she needs to pay close attention to. There’s a lot that contributes to bone health, from activity levels to nutritional intake and more. Here’s what your senior needs to know about keeping her bones as healthy and strong as possible now and in the years she has coming as well.

Elder Care Boiling Springs SC - Four Tips for Stronger Bones

Elder Care Boiling Springs SC – Four Tips for Stronger Bones

Talk to Her if She’s a Smoker

Smoking has a lot of unpleasant side effects, but one of the worst is how it affects your senior’s bones. Smoking can cause bone weakening to happen a lot faster than it does naturally. And if your elderly family member is already prone to having weaker bones, this is a big issue. If she stops smoking, some of that damage slows down and may be able to be reversed over time.

Talk to Her Doctor about Her Ideal Weight

Staying at a healthy weight is something that can help a great many health issues for your senior. But if you’re not sure what your senior’s ideal weight is, you might be surprised. If your elderly family member is underweight, she may be more likely to develop osteoporosis. But being too heavy can put excess pressure on her joints, keeping her from moving as much as she needs to.

Also Ask about Exercise Options

Exercising is important for bone health because bones can be lost through lack of use just as muscles can. Weight-bearing exercise in particular, like walking, is particularly helpful for maintaining bone mass. Talk to your senior’s doctor about whether it’s safe for her to exercise so that you know what your elderly family member’s limits are.

Look More Closely at Her Diet

What is your elderly family member eating most often? If she’s focusing on processed foods instead of whole foods, she might be missing some nutrients that she needs for bone health. Calcium and vitamin D in particular are important for bone health. Your senior’s doctor might recommend supplementation, even if your elderly family member is eating a healthy diet.

Some of these issues can be difficult for your elderly family member to keep up with on her own. It might be helpful for your senior to have help from elder care providers if that’s the case. They can help your elderly family member with all sorts of aspects of keeping your senior as healthy as possible.

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