It is certainly easy to want to believe in the best of things. When an adult child is beginning to see the earliest signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s within an aging parent, that’s a tough thing to accept.

Elder Care Powdersville SC - The Quick Temptation to Assume a Parent Does NOT Have Alzheimer’s

Elder Care Powdersville SC – The Quick Temptation to Assume a Parent Does NOT Have Alzheimer’s

So, instead, too many people try to find reasonable explanations for the challenges their elderly mother or father is beginning to exhibit. Why?

Because, the last thing anyone wants is to face a harsh reality: that their mother or father could be dealing with a devastating disease.

Never try to diagnose somebody yourself.

We live in an age where information is readily available online. Through a smartphone, tablet, or computer, we can learn a great deal of information about almost anything. Including Alzheimer’s.

However, the actual testing procedures diagnose Alzheimer’s are complex. That’s why only a trained medical professional should be doing this.

So, if you suspect that your elderly mother or father or somebody else you care about is exhibiting some of the earliest signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s, don’t assume that’s the case. And, don’t assume that minor memory related challenges are just a natural process of aging.

There could be many reasonable explanations.

When a person struggles with their memory, uses the wrong words from time to time, can’t keep track of conversations they had recently, and so on, it could very well be the earliest indicators of Alzheimer’s, but it can also be rationally explained away.

Is that senior utilizing prescription medication that is new to them? Could the side effects from that prescription medication have anything to do with what you are exhibiting?

It is certainly possible. Also, environmental factors, diet and nutrition, a lack of exercise, depression or depressive symptoms, and a host of other factors can impact brain functions.

If it is Alzheimer’s, getting an early diagnosis is crucial.

The sooner somebody is formally and accurately diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or another type of dementia, the sooner they can begin with treatment.

Even though there isn’t a cure for Alzheimer’s at the moment, there are some treatments that can help delay the onset of memory loss. If you could help that elder delay more significant memory loss for months or even years, would you do it?

Of course you would. But, that can only happen if and when that aging senior is formally diagnosed by their doctor. Otherwise, you and the rest of your family and their elder care providers could be missing out on some incredible opportunities that may benefit him or her in the years ahead.

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