Anything that seems as if it might challenge or remove her independence could be something that your senior is automatically against. There are big reasons for that, especially if staying as independent as possible for as long as she can is high on your elderly family member’s goal list. If this is true for your elderly family member, these are some important things for her to consider.

Elder Care Taylors SC - What Should Your Senior Do if Independence Is Her Big Goal?

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Keep up with Regular Checkups

Your senior’s health is one of the main ways that she can keep her independence for as long as possible. If her health starts to fail, she may find that impacts her ability to maintain the life that she wants on her own terms. One of the best ways for her to reduce that risk is to make sure she’s going to her regular checkups and that she’s working closely with her doctor about her existing health concerns.

Keep Track of Medications and Side Effects

Beyond overall health, medications and their side effects can also have a huge impact on your senior’s ability to remain independent. Your elderly family member is going to fare a lot better if she’s aware of the possible side effects and if she knows how to plan accordingly for those side effects. If your senior does notice any changes to side effects or in how her medications seem to be working or affecting her, it’s wise for her to bring that up with her doctor.

Move Around a Little More

Being even a little more physically active helps your elderly family member to maintain her mobility to an extent. If she’s been fairly sedentary to this point, gradually increasing her activity levels can have a positive impact on her overall well-being. Make sure that her doctor has cleared her for any increase in movement, though, because the last thing your senior wants to do is to accidentally create a new health issue.

Maintain Healthy Vision

When your elderly family member is able to see properly, that affects just about every aspect of her life, particularly when she’s trying to remain as independent as she can. Things like driving and cooking on her own all are affected by her ability to see what she’s doing. Keeping her eyes healthy can mean eating properly, maintaining her overall health, and getting in to see her eye doctor regularly.

Your senior may not see it this way but having help can also make life easier for her, therefore allowing her to keep her independence longer. Elder care providers can assist with a variety of tasks that may be getting more difficult for her.

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