Using Cameras in an Aging Parent’s Home

Your elderly mother has been living alone since your father passed away two years ago. You and the rest of your brothers and sisters have been worried about her, especially considering how frail she seems recently. She continues to press on, telling you all she’s fine, that she’s just slowing down a little, but she’s still safe.

Elderly Care Greenville SC - Using Cameras in an Aging Parent’s Home

Elderly Care Greenville SC – Using Cameras in an Aging Parent’s Home

In truth, you worry about her safety. For many seniors, safety can be compromised as they get older simply because of the natural process of aging.

What happens as we get older?

As people age, they will lose strength. Muscle mass begins to decline after we turned 40, but we can certainly slow that down by staying physically fit, getting exercise, and working out regularly. Yet, as we move through our 60’s and into our 70’s, no amount of exercise is going to help us gain muscle or even maintain the muscle we had in our youth.

As a result of that, many seniors experience balance related challenges and diminished mobility. If your elderly mother is finding it difficult to get up and out of bed in the morning, even during the middle of the night to use the bathroom, and you worry about her safety throughout the day and night, there may seem little you can do outside of hiring a full-time, live in elderly care aide.

That can certainly be a wonderful option and benefit for numerous seniors, but unless she has somebody living with her, what happens during the times that elderly care aide isn’t working with her?

With modern technology, people look to cameras and other devices.

Home security systems and wireless cameras can be a valuable asset in protecting the home from burglaries and other circumstances. They can also be used to keep an eye on aging parents or other family members who may have some type of difficulty at home.

If you plan on encouraging your mother to have cameras in certain rooms of her house so you can keep an eye on her (especially making sure she hasn’t fallen and can’t call out for help), you will need to be very clear as will she regarding privacy.

You might put a wireless camera in the bedroom, angled toward her bed and the floor between her bed and the bathroom. You might even put one in the bathroom itself. Just think, is that something you would like to have in your own house?

You may just assume this is all about safety, but it could be an incredibly uncomfortable situation for your mother, so discuss her concerns, consider reasonable limits, and relent to her will. Remember, she has every right to accept or refuse whatever support you offer.

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