Five Safety Tips for a Senior with Alzheimer’s Disease When You’re Not There

Safety is a big issue for seniors who want to age in place. But when you factor in Alzheimer’s disease, safety means looking at a lot of details you might not have considered in other situations.


Elderly Care in Spartanburg SC: Senior Safety

Elderly Care in Spartanburg SC: Senior Safety


Keep Emergency Numbers Posted

Your senior may know your phone number or other family members’ phone numbers, but in an emergency, her memory might fail her. Make that problem as non-existent as you can by placing a list of important phone numbers next to every phone in the house. Update that list as often as necessary.

Double Check Smoke and Other Alarms

Smoke alarms and other important alarms, such as carbon monoxide detectors, are vital but they need to be checked regularly. Check the batteries and run any tests the manufacturer recommends. Make sure also that your senior knows what to do if an alarm does go off.

Hire Elder Care Providers

Some days are going to be better than others for your aging family member. Having elder care providers on hand when you’re not there gives her assistance with tasks she wants to perform herself and gives her someone who can take over when that’s what she needs. She can maintain her independence and you can still feel that she’s in safe hands.

Keep Plastic Bags, Chemicals, and Medications Locked Down

Anything that could be dangerous, such as medications, chemicals, and even plastic bags, should be kept somewhere safe. A locked cabinet somewhere out of the way is probably the best idea for most of those types of items. If you’ve got a medication safe that can secure medications that you don’t want anyone getting into.

Reduce Clutter as Much as You Can

Clutter is dangerous in any home, but for a senior with Alzheimer’s disease, clutter can be confusing. Your elderly family member might easily run into cluttered areas thinking that’s supposed to be a clear pathway. Clutter on counters and tables can be distracting for her and cause her to lose her train of thought. If you can find a way to corral things like mail and paperwork, that keeps it from becoming visual clutter.

Managing your elderly family member’s safety is especially important when she has Alzheimer’s disease. Periodically review your safety plans and make sure that you make changes wherever it makes sense to do so. You may also find that making those small changes regularly helps to keep from frustrating your senior with changes that feel big to her.


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