Millions of Americans have questions about health and safety this year. Especially when they have aging parents and other loved ones to consider. Coronavirus is no laughing matter. And it’s still plaguing the country and many regions around the world. As we move closer to the end of the year holidays, it’s a good idea to pay attention to local and state recommendations with regard to family gatherings.

Some seniors may be safer at home.

Elderly Care Spartanburg SC - Is It Safe to Visit with an Aging Senior This Year for the Holidays?

Elderly Care Spartanburg SC – Is It Safe to Visit with an Aging Senior This Year for the Holidays?

Travel is not recommended for those with compromised immune systems. Or for those with what’s called ‘comorbidities,’ or health issues that are serious by themselves, like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and so forth.

While it’s great to be able to visit with family over the holidays, this year is not like any other year in any of our memories. Spending time with an aging parent or grandparent could be putting them at risk.

What about for those seniors who need help?

If family is helping, but they’re going to be traveling for the holidays, then elderly care is something to consider. Elderly care is a great option for aging men and women who may need assistance with various tasks during the day.

When making plans for this holiday season, it’s important to remember that the elderly person in your life may need extra help when you’re away. Don’t overlook the importance and value of elderly care, not only for physical needs, but also in helping him or her maintain emotional health and well-being over a potentially lonely holiday season when everyone else is away or just can’t visit yet.

This holiday season, get creative.

There are plenty of ways for elderly men and women to ‘visit’ with their loved ones, even when they can’t actually be physically present together. Don’t underestimate the power of video calls. This allows family to still stay connected in some way, to some degree, even though they might be thousands of miles apart. Just because it might not be safe to spend time together in person doesn’t mean aging seniors need to be completely alone.

Sure, it’s not the same. No one will argue that it is. But, when it comes to the health and well-being of elderly men and women in this age of COVID-19, what matters most is protecting them as best we can. And, for that, keeping some distance may be necessary for vulnerable individuals.

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