Four Ideas if Your Senior Is Still Resisting Home Care

When you know that something would benefit your elderly family member, you probably do everything that you can to implement that solution. It’s a little more difficult with home care, because that’s something that can cause your senior to feel scared, concerned, and even extremely upset. Resisting help from outside sources is really common, but you might be able to overcome it.

Home Care Mauldin SC - Four Ideas if Your Senior Is Still Resisting Home Care

Home Care Mauldin SC – Four Ideas if Your Senior Is Still Resisting Home Care

Get Help from Family Members and Her Doctor

Your elderly family member might be feeling stubborn about this issue and feel as if you’re biased. What can help is for her to hear from other people who care about her, like other family members and her own trusted doctor, that home care can truly help her. As frustrating as that can be, sometimes people just need to hear the same thing from different sources.

Make Sure Your Senior Has Some Choices

Choice and control are important to your aging family member. She may not have nearly as much of either as she would like to have or as she used to have at other stages of her life. That’s not a great feeling. One thing that you can do is to give your senior as many choices about this decision as you can. When you offer her choices, that can help her to feel some measure of control again.

Don’t Set Time Limits of Your Own

Giving your senior a deadline or time limit might be a bad idea. Letting her have some control over timing can be extremely beneficial. For example, let her know that hiring home care providers is going to be something you do as a trial run, for as long as she’s comfortable. This can help her to be more excited about giving this idea a try.

Don’t Rush Your Senior

You might have some deadlines of your own that are pressing on you but do all that you can to avoid rushing your elderly family member. If she feels rushed by you or by the situation, that can cause her to dig in her heels a little bit more and that complicates everything further. Set things up in such a way that she’s able to process what’s happening in her own timeframe.

Getting your elderly family member to accept home care services might sound difficult and it can be, but you never want to force the help on your senior if you can avoid it.

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