3 Tips to Promoting Safety During the Fall Festive Season

For seniors, safety is a major concern. As people get older, their safety can become compromised due to major surgery, health issues, or the natural process of aging.

Homecare Mauldin SC - 3 Tips to Promoting Safety During the Fall Festive Season

Homecare Mauldin SC – 3 Tips to Promoting Safety During the Fall Festive Season

As people move through their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, cruise into their 70’s and maybe into their 80’s, they will lose strength. There is no way to avoid that. Even for people who work out regularly, as they get older they will have more difficulty maintaining whatever strength they do have, and gaining more muscle will become tougher and tougher with each passing year.

As muscle mass decreases, mobility can be more challenging. That is often what leads to increased safety risks for seniors at home. As we move deeper into autumn and some of the holidays coming up, like Halloween and Thanksgiving, it’s a good idea to take stock of how to best keep aging seniors in our life a bit safer.

Below are three tips that can improve safety for seniors living at home during the fall festive season.

Tip #1: Have help for the elderly person on Halloween.

If the senior enjoys handing out candy and treats for kids on Halloween, should they be doing this by themselves? It’s not a matter of someone breaking in and hurting them, but them constantly having to get up and walk to the door or lean out and drop a few pieces of candy into a basket that can cause potential problems.

This year, especially, with COVID-19 still a serious problem, having a family member or a homecare aide helping if this is something they still want to participate in can improve safety for them on that night.

Tip #2: Check lights and timers.

We set our clocks back once again in most parts of the country on November 1st. The first Sunday of November. It’s important to make sure any timers that automatically turn on lights are reset properly.

It’s also important to replace any light bulbs that have burned out, including outside the house. As the daylight gets shorter, those timers should also be adjusted to go on at the appropriate time, when it begins getting dark.

An aging person who has difficulty with mobility may not see as clearly, either, which makes lighting that much more important for those earlier and earlier nights creeping in.

Tip #3: Have the heating system inspected.

Now is the perfect time to contact an HVAC specialist to come out and inspect, clean, and properly maintain the heating system. Have it ready to go for the cooler nights and eventually days that are on the way.

This will help to keep that elderly senior safer throughout the winter months coming in.

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