By the end of April, there were more than 700 confirmed cases of measles in the U.S. This is the highest level in 25 years.

Cases of the measles have been confirmed in 22 states. The entire West Coast, some of New England, and states like Texas, Colorado, and Florida are all included in this count. It’s leading the CDC to urge people to use caution and consider getting a booster vaccine in some cases.

Should your mom get a booster?

Homecare Taylors SC - Measles and Your Mom - Does She Need to Be Vaccinated?

Homecare Taylors SC – Measles and Your Mom – Does She Need to Be Vaccinated?

What Are the Symptoms of Measles?

Measles is a fast-spreading virus, so antibiotics are ineffective at treating it. The first signs of measles are a high fever and cough. A runny nose and watery red eyes are also early symptoms. It can take up to two weeks for the symptoms to appear after contact with someone infected with measles.

Within half a week of those symptoms, you may find white spots appearing in the mouth. This is followed by a rash on the body. It usually starts at the head and works down to the feet. The fever may increase at this stage and get to 104 degrees or higher.

Most people recover from measles after a period of time. It can progress to pneumonia or encephalitis. This is more common in children. If your elderly mom gets measles, you need to talk to her doctor to get tips on what to do.

Who Needs a Booster?

Starting in 1963, people were vaccinated against measles. The vaccine has been incredibly successful at reducing the virus in the U.S. If your mom was born before 1957, it’s unlikely she ever got the vaccine. You should talk to her doctor to see if it’s worth getting it.

If she’s had measles, she should have natural immunity. What if she doesn’t know and can’t find any records from her childhood? There’s still one way to find out. There is a blood test that can check for antibodies to measles. If that test finds she doesn’t have antibodies, she should get vaccinated.

Any exposure to measles should be treated as a significant issue. Stay away from your mom until you’re certain you haven’t contracted the disease. If she can’t be left alone, call a homecare agency to have a caregiver stop by. Talk to our homecare representative now to learn more about how much caregivers cost.


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