How to Throw a 90th Birthday Party for Seniors

When a senior reaches 90, it can be a huge deal. You may want to do something to celebrate for the senior, but it is important to touch base with the personal care at home attendant. They will not only be able to talk to the senior, but they can help you make the plans you need for this to be a success. Not all seniors are healthy enough to have people over, but a small get-together with close family may be all that is needed to throw a 90th birthday party.

Personal Care at Home Greer SC - How to Throw a 90th Birthday Party for Seniors

Personal Care at Home Greer SC – How to Throw a 90th Birthday Party for Seniors

You will need to consider a few things before taking this route, and personal care at home can keep you posted about some things. They can help you decide if it is a good time to throw a party, if a senior is able to, and if a senior wants to. Personal care at home is one of the best tools your family can utilize. They become close to the seniors, watching them, taking care of them, and much more. They allow you to stay in the scoop while you take care of your own kids and family.

If you have been wondering what to do to make this birthday ultra-special, keep reading. Everything will depend on what the senior wants to do, how they’re feeling, and what they are able to do. Try planning something small versus big and keep it at the seniors’ home. Personal care at home can stay around at the party, making sure the senior can get to and from the bathroom and remains comfortable for the whole duration. Most importantly, you need to listen to what your parents or loved one wants. If they don’t like parties, it may be best to show up solo with a small present versus a big party.

How to Throw a Party for the 90th Birthday

If you are planning on doing something make sure you keep it within the seniors limits. It is crucial to take consideration of what a personal care at home assistant says. If they say the limit is 10 people you need to be able to work around that to keep the senior comfortable. Caregivers will always put the senior first. Here are some things you can do to celebrate 90.

Birthday Cake

The best thing about celebrating with birthday cake is that not many people need to come together. If the senior wants something small they can still enjoy a slice of cake. If it will just be you and your loved one you can opt for cupcakes. A fun twist can be baking cupcakes together. The seniors may have a special recipe for you to learn, and this is a great chance to spend some time with them.

Presents From the Family

Some seniors may not want to see the whole family or it may be too overstimulating for them. That doesn’t mean the family can’t give the seniors presents. You can pick up and drop off presents for the seniors or family members can visit individually to drop off presents. This is a good way to let the seniors know they are not alone and they are loved.

Small Family Party

Everyone is different and some seniors may love the idea of having a small party as long as they have help. This can easily be arranged, picking a date and a time that works well for everyone. If the senior needs traveling help the personal care at home will be able to arrange that.

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