How to Calm a Senior With Anxiety

It can be natural to feel stressed or anxious, but too much anxiety can be bad for seniors. It is important for senior home care to know how to help calm an anxious senior. Many people do not know how to cope with anxiety, and it can be hard to deal with. Senior home care can be one of the best companions for a senior. They help look out for mental and physical health.

Senior Home Care Duncan SC - How to Calm a Senior With Anxiety

Senior Home Care Duncan SC – How to Calm a Senior With Anxiety

Senior home care can help ensure a senior is eating the right foods that help promote brain health and reduce anxiety. They can also help promote exercises and routines that can help a senior feel grounded and reduce anxiety. Not all caregivers have experience in these areas, but they can read about mindful practices, teach, and encourage these routines.

There are a few ways to help with anxiety without taking extra medication from the doctor. However, suppose symptoms of anxiety persist and are followed by depression. In that case, it may be best for senior home care to take the older adult to the doctor. It is normal for people to feel anxious during stressful times, but it can be dire for the senior if this continues past those times. Too much stress and anxiety can be deadly. Here are some exercises to try and help reduce senior anxiety.

Breathing Exercises

These are some of the first exercises to try when facing an anxious situation. Many seniors forget how important breathwork is, and focusing on your breath can help a senior focus on something else. Practicing slow and steady breathing, it can help slow heart rate, and calm a person down. Home care can help a senior look up youtube videos that will teach a senior how to breathe for stress and anxiety.

Learn to Visualize

A senior should have a place where they feel happy, safe, and secure. When they are feeling stressed out they need to sit somewhere comfortable and envision this place. Practicing imagining five senses and using them when you are visualizing is a great stress reliever.

Participate in Activities with Senior Home Care Aides

If neither breathing exercises or visualization works for a senior it is time for senior home care to distract a senior. Go out for walks in the park, cook a nice meal together, or get crafty with the seniors. Distractions may only work for a little while but they can help reduce anxiety for a short time.

Find a Way To Induce The Opposite Feeling

When you’re feeling sad or anxious, sometimes it can be good to try to promote the opposite feeling. Senior home care can turn on a funny movie, happy music, or bake sweets to promote other feelings. This might be hard for the senior to do on their own but that is why caregivers can be a great investment for a senior on their own.

Induce Physical Feelings

When a senior is feeling overwhelmed, finding new sensations can help ease the anxiety. A fuzzy blanket can feel amazing or a hot bath can help distract a senior. This is a way for them to focus on something physical rather than mental.

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