Senior Home Care: Canned Foods Can Provide Many Needed Nutrients

Canned Food Month came about in 1987 thanks to the Canned Food Information Council. Over the years, canned foods have experienced some negativity due to the use of salt to prevent spoilage. People also believe that heat processing the cans reduces the overall nutrition. None of this is true. Salt is used in some canned vegetables, but you can rinse the items before use to remove excess sodium. Studies have shown that people who routinely eat vegetables and fruits from cans get more calcium, fiber, and potassium than those who avoid canned items. Having senior home care services can help your mom with shopping and reading over labels before the cans are used.

Stop avoiding canned fruits and vegetables. Instead, you and her senior home care providers can learn how to shop for healthier options for your mom using these tips.

Aim for Low-Sodium Items

Senior Home Care Spartanburg SC - Senior Home Care: Canned Foods Can Provide Many Needed Nutrients

Senior Home Care Spartanburg SC – Senior Home Care: Canned Foods Can Provide Many Needed Nutrients

Look for low-sodium items when you’re shopping for cans. You’ll find canned tomatoes and vegetables often have low-sodium or no-salt versions. If you can’t locate any, make sure you rinse the vegetables and legumes in a strainer to remove excess salt.

Skip Brands That Add Sugar to Their Recipes

Canned soup companies often add sugar to their products to make them tastier. The sugar isn’t needed. Read labels and look to see if there is added sugar. If there is, find a different brand.

Always read the labels as the sugar turns up in unexpected places. Tomato and split pea soups are two of the most common canned soups with added sugar.

Purchase Fruit Canned in Fruit Juice Instead of Syrup

When you’re shopping for canned fruit, check to see if it’s packed in syrup or fruit juice. Skip anything that’s packed in syrup. You can save the fruit juice in ice cube trays to add to smoothies.

Stock Up on Beans

Dried beans take extra time to prepare. You have to soak them before you cook them. Save time by stocking up on canned beans. Get low-sodium versions. Canned beans are high in fiber and incredibly versatile. Use them in soups, stews, vegetable burgers, and salads. You can also mash them and use them in place of oils in dessert items.

How well does your mom do choosing and preparing meals each day? Many older adults find it challenging to prepare meals when arthritis pain affects the wrists and fingers. There’s a solution.

Talk to a senior home care specialist about meal preparation services. An expert in home care will go over pricing and services with you. Call our senior home care agency to get started.


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